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Here at Abros Ltd we act for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. With 25 years of experience our team is focused and flexible, providing excellent service and attention geared to client’s personal needs. Unlike other accountancy firms, our pricing policy does not distinguish between Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of service. All our clients get Gold Service.

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Abros Ltd
State pension
Where Class 2 NICs can be paid voluntarily to boost the number of qualifying years, this should be considered, if applicable , instead of class 3 NIC’S which are more expensive,
Abros Ltd
Rental properties
You can also claim incidental costs when replacing domestic items, subject to conditions being met
Abros Ltd
Can a company pay for school and university fees?
There are several ways in which a business can
cover the costs of education for its employees, in a tax efficient manner
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Abros Ltd
Cash Rich Companies
Watch the pitfalls, HMRC may not consider the company to be trading, and may loose therefore reliefs like business property relief,capital gains relief
Ask us how to avoid these problems and ways to extract the cash
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Abros Ltd
We operate our business in a #trusting, #transparent and #productive environment. Contact us today! 07956502126
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Abros Ltd
There are many benefits when it comes to taxes after you marry your loved one. Ask us about these taxes.

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Abros Ltd
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Benefit from our continuous business health check
Abros Ltd
Buy to let property

If you have not declared the income to HMRC, its let property Scheme may allow you to regularise your tax affairs in a favourable way than the penalties and interest regime that would apply normally.
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Abros Ltd
Employers Allowance
Are you aware of this ?£4000 is available to qualifying employers
Ask us for more details.
Abros Ltd
Rent a room
If you rent out a room in your house, you can earn an extra £7,500 tax-free.
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52 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon
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