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Here at Abros Ltd we act for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. With 25 years of experience our team is focused and flexible, providing excellent service and attention geared to client’s personal needs. Unlike other accountancy firms, our pricing policy does not distinguish between Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of service. All our clients get Gold Service.

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Abros Ltd
Buy to Let
If your tenant is unable to pay the due rent, then
the cash basis allows immediate bad debt recovery for tax purposes.
Where there is a rental holiday or rent reduction,
or the tenant’s rent is in arrears, no tax payment
is required on these unreceived amounts.
Abros Ltd
Tax beneficial perks
Despite the tax rises for electric cars and those
first registered on or after 6 April 2020, an
electric or low emission car remains a tax efficient benefit in 2021/22.
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Abros Ltd
Subject to an annual cap of £500 per employee, employer
expenditure on medical treatments recommended
by employer-arranged occupational health
services may also be exempt for tax and NICs.
Abros Ltd
here are several tax and NICs exemptions
relating to certain preventative health issues.
Employers can fund one tax-free (and NICs-free)
health-screening assessment and/or one medical
check-up per year per employee, with a limit of £500 per year
Abros Ltd
On 31 January (2021)
Self Assessement tax payment is due
If these total under £30,000, you can set up a TTP (Time to Pay Arrangement) time-to-pay arrangement, paying by DD over 12 months, without talking to HMRC by phone.
Simply access HMRC’s website
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Abros Ltd
Only 40 days until the tax return deadline!
contact us today! 02086880181 or visit our website

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Abros Ltd
Late Tax returns
If a business sends in its returns late it will receive a penalty and an assessment that can’t be appealed unless it sends in the missing return. There is no time limit on the collection of any money due on an outstanding return. #taxtips #taxreturn #abrosltd
Abros Ltd
CGT annual exemption
Every tax year each individual is allowed to make gains up to the annual exemption without paying any CGT. The annual exemption for 2020/21 is £12,300). #Brumisbrill #Mancismarvellous #ATSocialMedia #ATSOPRO #ATSocialMediaUK #UKSmallBiz #Taxplanning #Tax
Abros Ltd
State pension
Where Class 2 NICs can be paid voluntarily to boost the number of qualifying years, this should be considered, if applicable , instead of class 3 NIC’S which are more expensive, #Mancismarvellous #ATSocialMedia #ATSOPRO #ATSocialMediaUK #UKSmallBiz #Wednesdayvibe
Abros Ltd
Ask us about our 28 steps we take to complete your tax return! Contact us today on 07956502126 or visit our website #christmas2020 #31Jan #accountants #Brumisbrill #Mancismarvellous #ATSocialMedia #ATSOPRO #ATSocialMediaUK #UKSmallBizy
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