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Here at Abros Ltd we act for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. With 25 years of experience our team is focused and flexible, providing excellent service and attention geared to client’s personal needs. Unlike other accountancy firms, our pricing policy does not distinguish between Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of service. All our clients get Gold Service.

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Abros Ltd
Capital allowances
Consideration should also be given to the timing of capital expenditure on which capital allowances are available to obtain the optimum reliefs.
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Abros Ltd
Can a company pay fees for education?
Several ways exist in which a company can pay the costs of education. Proper care needs to be taken in the set up for it to be tax efficient. Contact us.
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Abros Ltd
Business Help
If you are starting, or have recently started a business in the #Croydon are we, at Abros Ltd can help you plan your VAT administration & consider with you whether the annual accounting scheme would be beneficial for your business? #ATsocialmediauk #tax #smallbizuk
Abros Ltd
Annual Accounting Scheme
A business can apply to join the scheme if it expects taxable supplies in the next 12 months will not exceed £1,350,000. VAT returns must be up to date. Any business can leave the scheme at any time by writing to HMRC. A business can no longer be in the scheme once its annual turnover exceeds £1,600,000. #taxtips #accounting #uksmallbiz #accountants #hmrc
Abros Ltd
If a business is structured as a share sale, it’s important to keep in mind VAT on the sale costs may not be recovered, unless it is a sale of the trade and assets. #taxtips #smallbizuk #profit #ThursdayThoughts #accounting
Abros Ltd
Are there ways of reducing the VAT?
If a business sells goods on interest-free credit it can reduce the VAT due by having a conditional sale agreement with the finance house. #reducingvat #taxtips #accountants #smallbizuk
Abros Ltd
Buy to let
The split between capital and income expenses is not only administrative but can make a real difference to the amount of tax saved on the deduction either at income tax or capital gains tax rates, and also on the timing of when the tax deduction is received, either in the current tax year for income expenses or at the point of the sale of the asset of capital expenditure. #buytolet
Abros Ltd
Remember the grant is taxable
Grants received under the SEISS re taxable and should be included when working out taxable profits for 2020/21. They will also be liable for Class 4 National Insurance contributions. #grants #taxtips #NICs #profit #smallbiz #accountants #business
Abros Ltd
Loans to employees
No benefit-in-kind tax will be incurred if :
• the loan has been made on commercial terms
by employers who lend to the general public;
• the total of all loans made to an employee
does not exceed £10,000 at any time in the
tax year.
Abros Ltd
A range of tax breaks are available for employers & employees who decide to go for electric cars! Contact us today for more information
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