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PE Energy provides energy efficiency solutions for business across the UK including ESOS Phase 2 audits, TM44 Air Conditioning inspections, Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates and general energy audits.

We also provide solutions and project management for onsite power generation, renewable energy and lighting upgrades.

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PE Energy Solutions Limited
If you have clients with more than 250 employees then they will need to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity scheme ESOS. It requires organisations to conduct a mandatory energy audit by a certified ESOS Lead assessor, and the results lodged with the Enviro Agency. This needs to be done before the 5th December 2019. Refer your clients and receive a commission for a successful introduction.
PE Energy Solutions Limited
Earn commissions and referral frees by recommending our energy compliance solutions and energy purchasing partner products. Our clients are in the commercial sector only.
PE Energy Solutions Limited
If your business has air conditioning systems then you may need to have a TM44 AC Inspection certificate as required by law. Contact me and we will check to see if you have one, and if you don't we can provide that for you. Call 01394 825933.
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