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We provide affordable expert consultancy,training and advice on matters of GDPR compliance and cyber security to businesses and organisations across various industries. In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, organisations will need to do more than just fill out a few forms. The new regulations are built around a central core of security and unfortunately most organisations dont really know where their most significant attack surfaces lie or what their vulnerabilities are. At Unity Metrix we help to de-mystify the regulation, assure your technical and organisational compliance and give you practical and truly useful help and advice.
We have an enviable reputation in successfully dealing with tax investigations on your behalf if you are unfortunate in being involved in one presently. We are able to provide you with a clear and balanced view on your immediate situation and the strategies necessary to achieve a successful resolution of the inquiry. Call us for a free initial, no obligation consultation.
At Image Logo, you will be able to find a large range of corporate gifts, personalised business gifts, and promotional products. UK businesses choose us for our comprehensive range of products and our creative solutions to marketing. Business gifts and giveaway items are a great marketing tool and we pride ourselves in offering the largest selection around – we offer everything from pens, mugs, clocks, USB memory sticks, MP3 players, stress products, diaries, calendars, bags, clothing and many other promotional products. UK businesses can benefit greatly from our creative marketing solutions: * Increase your brand awareness * Improve your customer loyalty * Penetrate your target market Spread the word about your brand, and keep your existing customers coming back to you time and time again.
Softwarebox is a software development company based in Hull. With over 15 years experience writing code in many different languages we are well suited to meet your software needs.
I help YOU promote YOUR business and sell YOUR products or services. One WORD at a time. Struggling to write your website pages? No inspiration for your blog? Know what you want to say but not sure how to say it? No worries. I can help you out. I write. So you don’t have too. When we work together you will have: Fresh new copy on your website. A busy blog bursting with high-quality content. Your message written in plain, clear, concise English. But above all… A website which converts readers to buyers
We're specialists in everything from saving your business money on essential costs to recovering debts and reclaiming tax relief... so you can get back to business. redigo was formed to become the leading business costs consultancy and a partner of choice to the clients we serve. Business costs is our business. We simplify the complex, provide understandable explanations, save you time and deliver confidence in an industry that may have a less-than-attractive image. We are totally committed to transparency, keeping you informed at all stages of what and why! We put the control back in the hands of our clients’ and we have created bespoke processes to enable our clients to see exactly what they are spending, where and what on.
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