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There are plenty of personal trainers and fitness instructors out there – so why RedAlert PT? When I first started working in a commercial gym, before opening my own studio, they asked me to write my ‘pitch’ – to help people decide who the right personal trainer was for them. This is what I wrote:

“Fitness and Health is a journey, and joining the gym is just the beginning. Many fall by the wayside, discouraged by uncertain progress, or confused by all the options.

Working with a PT can help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently. General health improvements, preparing for a big event or holiday, your first triathlon; whatever your aim, Personal training can help you gain faster results.

What I love is helping others to achieve their fitness goals. I use the wide range of skills and experience that I’ve gained from 2 decades in the Healthcare Profession and as a GB age group triathlete.

Together we will set realistic objectives and build you a unique tailored programme. I will help you achieve the results YOU want.”


Confidence Building & Motivation
Weight Loss & Fitness Improvement
Triathlon Coaching
So that’s the corporate speak bit – there are plenty of other reasons too!

I’ve come to personal training somewhat later in life than many others – I know what it’s like trying to find that elusive work/life balance that includes time to exercise, eat well and get all the other ‘stuff’ done.

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