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A shocking number of apps send personal data to Facebook. Before you next install an app on your phone check the settings and permissions to make sure you're not sending more data about you than you might expect to facebook.
Do you know why you should give your copy a KISS? We found this great post over at that explains why you should:
Have a great weekend everyone!
Every office needs a reliable and cost effective printer. Over the past year we've been using the Samsung CLP-415N and, despite a lot of bad reviews on Amazon, we have found it to be an excellent little printer. You can read our review here:
We're in Liverpool today to meet with a company we're looking to partner with. Liverpool is beautiful city, been a long time since i visited.
Just talking with another manufacturer about forming a working relationship - exciting times.
I don't know if any of you actively optimise your sites to rank in Google but if you did notice any fluctuation in rankings in September Google released another set of updates.

This is nothing outside the normal and you can read a LITTLE bit about it here:

Actually the comments are more interesting than the article itself...
If you spend much of your working day at a computer, as many of us now do, RSI and wrist strain are often never far away.

Despite often being viewed with an air of suspicion trackball mice can help with these modern problems. We take a look at the best 6 and explain what you should look for before you buy in our guide to trackball mice:
Its amazing much technology has changed over the years especially the last 10. Thought I'd share this entertaining post on how we listen to music has changed by Craig over at oldndazed. Its a good read.
Don't get conned by filter and pricing bubbles. Find out how you can always get the best price when shopping online.
Excellent Info. Thanks for sharing.
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