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We identified the important need for the effective training of individuals and firms who wish to become suppliers to public sector agencies through our successfully delivered series of workshops (1998 – 2000). Programme refinement lead to SFEDI Endorsement in 2004, a DTI Innovation Grant in 2005, Online eLearning implementation in 2006, ASET accreditation in 2006 and (ITOL), Institute for Training and Occupational Learning Accreditation in 2010.

Background Research
Research has shown that one of the biggest hurdles facing UK small business when planning to bid for a contract is the fear that they will be regarded as ‘too small’ to be considered as a potential supplier to a major public body.

Our Aim
The aim of our training programme is to create a level playing field in public sector tendering through online training and support that enables small firms to profit from taking part in the procurement process and individuals to understand the procurement process and improve their careers.

Tendering for Contracts Training
Tendering for Contracts Training offers a comprehensive accredited online training programme for small firms who wish to develop new revenue streams by becoming suppliers to public sector agencies and individuals who wish to enhance their careers.

Tendering For Contracts Training explains ways in which smaller companies can become engaged in the procurement process, form partnerships or consortiums to make one successful bid which will give all those partners a share in the profits.

Training Methodology
To ensure the best possible outreach, the course is delivered through online e-learning through an instructional framework, internal self-assessment is based on multiple-choice-questions-with-answers throughout all (5) modules, with module (6) reflecting all the materials that has been covered in module (1 to 5). Learners are expected to obtain (70%) correct answers in module 6.

Participants retain maximum flexibility of scheduling, learning is conducted in an asynchronous manner, combining self-learning with both internal self-assessments and external assessment. The pedagogy - adapted for individuals or professionals in full-time employment - will help train participants through various experiences: absorb (read); do (activity); interact (apply - socialize); reflect (relate to one’s own reality).

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