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The RailMall offers a new online offering in being a single point from which to access such a wide range of rail- and train-related products, services and travel.
The majority of merchants presented have a formal affiliate program, although we will consider featuring others who have not yet developed such programs.
There are hundreds of thousands of railfans around the world, all with friends and relatives seeking gifts for them. Add to this considerable number of potential visitors (now we are in the millions), there are also rail travellers to be considered.
Some rail travellers have been using Trains for years, queuing at ticket offices, but now seeking online tickets. Some are new to Trains, and hope to use the web as they do for air travel. Students seek value rail passes and seniors too old for car hire are turning to First Class passes to travel extensively.
This amounts a great number of potential visitors.
The Rail Mall is in dynamic development. That is to say, we know we do not have all the answers, and hope our visitors and merchants will assist us to make The RailMall the most comprehensive directory of rail- and train-related products, services and travel on the web.

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