GDPR Policy

What information do we collect?

No personal information is required to join ehuhb and we only collect the information you provide at signup including: Your business name, login email (this should not be your personal email address) and business address.

When you join we collect your IP address and your browser version. We only collect this information for account verification and it is not passed on to any 3rd parties.

You can add personal information in the form of staff profiles. Whilst this is recommended (because it will aid your business networking efforts) it is optional and you can choose the level of information you share. Please note, that this information will be publicly visible and is analogous to having a social profile on Facebook or Twitter. However all key contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers are never shared publicly.

How do we use it?

We will NEVER sell on your details and any information you provide is only used to maintain your account. We may email promotional offers on behalf of some carefully chosen partners and only if we deem any offers useful. You can however opt-out from email marketing communications at anytime. Although we will still need to send you information regarding your account status and/or updates even if you opt-out of marketing communications.

How can I access my data?

Any data you provide is available in your account which you can access and amend at anytime by logging in.

How do I delete any data you have?

Any information you provide such as posts, profiles and product listings can be accessed and deleted at anytime by logging into your account. You can also close your account with a few clicks in the 'settings' section of ehuhb. Doing so will delete all data contained within your account within 2-3 days (due to the nature of how our system stores data).

How do we protect the information we hold?

Whilst we can't divulge every security measure we implement (because this would in-itself present a security risk) we can say that at the minimum all information we store is behind a hardware and software firewall, all connections are secure (over https) so cannot be read if intercepted. Any sensitive information (such as passwords) are encrypted before being stored and, as such, cannot be read by anyone.

Do you hold any of my personal information?

By default we do not hold any personal information such as your name, home address and telephone number. However, as mentioned above, you can enter some personal information by adding a staff profile. But this is optional, you can choose how much information you provide and you can easily remove any (or all) staff profiles at anytime from within your account.