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Supply, install and maintain business 'phone systems - on-premise and hosted.
Supply, install and maintain business 'phone lines and call packages - "Cloud based" - VoIP, SIP and legacy exchange based - ISDN and analogue.

Internet connectivity - Broadband (ADSL/FTTC/FTTP) and Leased LInes (EFM / GEA-FTTC and Fibre/Ethernet)

Business Mobile phone connections (SIM only) or handset and connection - virtual mobile operator so we support you.

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Nigel McCartney Started Design Communications 30 years ago and we now have a really loyal and diverse group of clients across the U.K/ E.U but concentrated in East Anglia. Passionate about customer service, education
Design Communications UK Ltd
New company, SM Duffety & Co (Accountants) just moved into our building today - a very warm welcome, Stephen.
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Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 1AQ
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