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Paul Burton Managing Director 25+ years of web experience
Paul’s background started in the computer industry in the early 70’s – the days before PC’s existed.

After 10 years in mainframe computing working on IBM, ICL and Honeywell mainframes his computing career culminated with a specialism in Work Flow Language on Burroughs (now Unisys) systems.

In the mid 80’s he changed direction and switched to advertising sales but within five years the poacher turned gamekeeper to join the ad agency world.

Due to that first agency's collapse Paul was forced to set up own agency 18 months later and since then has owned and operated several advertising agencies but for the last 12 years has been exclusively web oriented.

HTML4.01 and HTML5, PHP, CSS2, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, mySQL, XML, SEO, CMS systems.

Besides an understanding of the ‘tools’ used to build websites and plugins we have over 25 years experience in the business of visual communication.

Paul understands design, how to communicate and how to make it interesting.

In short – Aditerum has the technical abilities and an ‘eye’ for things that look great…some call that good taste.