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Softwarebox is a software development company based in Hull. With over 15 years experience writing code in many different languages we are well suited to meet your software needs.

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We've been using duckduckgo as our default search engine for a while now. Its getting increasingly sophisticated and it's nice to know we're not being tracked. A win for privacy and the end user.
SoftwareBox updated their logo
Online privacy is becoming more mainstream. With so many breaches of trust recently it is important to learn how to safeguard this fundamental right online. Here's 10 ways you can do this, the purism way:
For those Gnome users who want the dynamic panel transparency back in v3.32 you can find out how to do it here. With this very handy post from omgubuntu
SEO gets something of a bad rap these days. But that's only because of bad advice dished out online or by self-proclaimed 'digital media strategists' or some other daft name.

But SEO is a powerful marketing method. We've just sorted a campaign for a client that is cost-effective and well-researched to make sure we target the right keywords for their business.
We've just finished coding a complete custom web application for a client that integrates with an existing booking solution they use.

This app has been built specifically for the vehicle rental market and allows them to easily perform key tasks which they just could not do with off-the-shelf software. We're pretty pleased and so is our client!
It is a sad day for the Internet and free speech. The even sadder part is that many people won't even realise this has happened. But it will affect us all.
It seems fashionable to give PHP a bad wrap these days. But a tool is only as good as programmer that uses it. But, one area PHP did fall down was performance and thread management. Especially compared to something like node. But PHP 7+ has bought a slew of welcome speed improvements. It can even match HHVM in many situations. You can read more here:
We're keeping an eye on this Linux phone by Purism and can't wait for it to be released later this year. It promises a converged desktop and should run Anbox (so we can use our favourite android apps)
Todays job: a little bit of PC repair and office server setup.
Even an older PC can be used as a nifty and cost-effective small office server. The Dell Optiplex 390 we're using will be running Ubuntu Server (CLI). This version of Ubuntu will boot into just 256mb of memory. 2 new hard-drives and software RAID setup & we'll be good to go!
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