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Softwarebox is a software development company based in Hull. With over 15 years experience writing code in many different languages we are well suited to meet your software needs.

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We're keeping an eye on this Linux phone by Purism and can't wait for it to be released later this year. It promises a converged desktop and should run Anbox (so we can use our favourite android apps)
Todays job: a little bit of PC repair and office server setup.
Even an older PC can be used as a nifty and cost-effective small office server. The Dell Optiplex 390 we're using will be running Ubuntu Server (CLI). This version of Ubuntu will boot into just 256mb of memory. 2 new hard-drives and software RAID setup & we'll be good to go!
Back to coding this morning. We're working on a custom built CMS system for a vehicle rental company in Birmingham that integrates with their current online booking solution.
We've just connected with Craig @ Craig Ellyard copywriting. Thanks Craig, we look forward to working with you.
Change isn't always easy. But sometimes being too ingrained to a particular product or solution could be costing your business a LOT of money. Since we switched to the open source and FREE Libre Office suite several years ago we haven't looked back. Find out more, including a break down of the money you could save here:
Here's a nifty guide you can use to get you started using the Raspberry PI in your office. It could save you thousands on hardware and software fees and for basic office work it is ideal:
An office pc for £35? Could the raspberry pi save your business a lot of money? The MagPi posted a very interesting challenge to see if the Raspberry Pi could function as a usable office PC replacement:
We're advocates of open-source software. It's great for businesses because its fast, secure and free. Here are 10 great reasons you should consider switching to Linux this year:
This is a disappointing move by Google and it won't help their damaged reputation recover:

Particularly since the French Government has just fined them for privacy violations. If you use Chrome or Chromium to browse the web we'd recommend switching to another browser like Firefox.
Online privacy is now more important than ever. Learn how to make sure your devices are properly setup for privacy protection with this handy guide
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